The Keep The Greens Clean Bundle

The Keep The Greens Clean Bundle

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One thing every golfer hates! Chips and Dips...on the course... No golfer ever wants to be without this must-have kit.  They also don't want to encoutner another golfer that doesn't have one.  So we created this bundle with TWO Divot-Repair Kits.  They come in a gift tin for your convenience.

This bundle includes

(2)  Soulful Golf's Divot Tool Sets - Each set includes 2 Extra Ball Markers and is a handy accessory for golfing. The Set, also includes rubberized handles and a ball marker and the metal round tin turns this into a high-quality gift item.  AND It sharpens your pencil! 

 Will you use this as one gift? Two gifts? or an item for you to keep and one to share?  The choice is yours!