Soulful Golf Voice Caddie VC300 SE White Voice Golf GPS

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New Smart Soulful Golf Voice Caddie automatically tells you the distance to front, center and back of the green in yards or meters and leaves you no excuse for not dialing in your shot. Wondering how far you drove the ball? The Soulful Golf Voice Caddie will tell you.

Soulful Golf Voice Caddie's affordable, simple, compact, ultralight, hands-free design sets it apart from other lasers, phone apps, and GPS devices. With its simple look and sophisticated capabilities, the Soulful Golf Voice Caddie provides all the benefits of caddie at your side in convenient form. Clips on your hat or belt.

A single charge lasts up to 8 hours. Pre loaded with over 30,000 global golf courses and includes free updates.

Dimensions: 1.77x1.77x0.47 in